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Roth radiant heating system

Water-borne radiant heating that is easy to work with

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Water-borne underfloor heating is a tried-and-tested heating system that is continuously increasing its share of the market for different heating systems.
With water-borne radiant heating, you get a future-proof, safe, flexible and above all very pleasant form of heating for your home.

Advantages of water-borne radiant heating:

  • Maximum comfort for the user 
  • Hygienic and non-allergenic 
  • Flexible decor/furnishing 
  • Environmentally friendly and economical, as the radiant heating system can utilize multiple heat sources 
  • Systems for all types of building 
  • Intelligent control system with central monitoring/control
  • Roth radiant heating systems have been approved by the Norwegian Building Research Institute, with properties, field of application and conditions for use as set out in this document.