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Roth solar systems

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The sun supplies huge amounts of energy to the earth. If it were possible to harness all the energy that radiates towards the earth in the space of half an hour, it would be enough for the whole world’s energy requirements for half a year.
The solar system from Roth is a complete system with solar collectors with tanks, controls and adjustments. The collector panels are mounted on the roof, either on an existing rooftop or dovetailed between the roof tiles.
Roth has taken a step into the future when it comes to installing solar panel systems, the intention being to enjoy optimum exploitation of the company’s heat distribution system.
The technology may be new, but not necessarily the high standard that distinguishes Roth and has made the company a household name. Since the design and styling of the system are individualized, 2/3 of a family’s annual average energy consumption can be met in terms of producing domestic hot water.
If this is combined with a Roth radiant heating system, the total energy input from the sun can make an essential difference.