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Environmental award 2010 was won by Roth Nordic in Norway


The Varme & Bad chain's environmental award 2010 was won by Roth Nordic in Norway.

Content imageThe Varme & Bad chain’s environmental award was won by Roth Nordic in Norway. The Varme and Bad´s environmental award was inaugurated in 2010 as part of the environmental work at Varme & Bad. Roth Nordic AS was the first company to be honoured for its environmental work. In addition to high praise, the prize brings a year’s use of a VB/Roth promotional hybrid car.


Jury’s verdict:
Roth Nordic AS is forward-looking in its product development and has developed a product range which offers environmentally sustainable solutions. Several of these
are ideal for renovation or restoration projects.
A large share of the work in the market in the years ahead will be
renovation assignments, and Roth’s products will make it easier
to chose water-borne systems, even in areas where electrical
power currently dominates. A long-term warranty and manufacture which complies with EU standards and ISO 14001 are also important fea