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Touchline control system

Intelligent radiant heating

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The accolade is the world’s biggest innovation price for high-quality technology, sport and lifestyle products. A Plus X Award is given to products which are innovative, sustainable with a long service life and have at least one ”Plus X” factor – the added value to a product.
More than 130 experts from 32 countries assessed the products put forward. All were completely neutral in term of any industry allegiances. Read the pressrelease about the Plus X Award for Touchline.


With a Touchline control system the temperature in every room is exactly recorded and the heat requirement determined. The data is collected in the control distributor and continuously analysed to control the heating circles or actuators in the best way. Each room will be receiving the right energy volume at the right time. An overheating is prevented and the temperature in the rooms will be controled fast and efficiently. You can even control the heating at home using your iPhone, no matter where you are.


Advantages at a glance

  • Extremely precise and intelligent control system that is saving energy
  • Easy operation (easy to use, comfortable control)
  • Staying up to date thanks to the SD-card inside the control unit
  • Latest generation control system with optimal use of energy - for perfect comfort at home
  • Unique design with sensor buttons
  • Infrared surface temperature measurement helps generate a comfortable, well-balanced room temperature and protects the floor coverings
  • Radio link eliminates the need for laborious cabling