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Alu-LaserPlus® piping system

Potable water is a comestible - we want to maintain its quality

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Installation comfort and security in a system combination
The Roth pipe installation programme consisting of the multilayer system pipe Roth Alu-Laserplus® and the Roth plastic fi tting with PressCheck® up to dimension 32 mm, provide secure connections in domestic water installations and radiator connection. You receive two innovative components with the advantage of installation comfort and security of the Roth pipe installation system.

Complete assortment from house connection to supply
The Roth pipe installation programme is completed at connection and transmission parts with threads by the proven Roth red brass fi ttings. Due to this fact, the Roth pipe installation system can be used without hesitation for any water quality. Roth red brass fittings up to dimension 32 mm certainly also have the Roth PressCheck® function. Overall Roth offers components for system solutions until dimension 63 mm. The complete programme enables any installation from house connection to rising mains until supply.
The connection of pipe and fi tting is made by the Roth radial press connection technology. With coordinated system components, all connection combinations from radiators with single and double pipe system from the wall, over the floor respectively from the skirting board can be realised time and cost effi ciently. Roth connection technology creates fast and secure connections. Due to the system test in accordance with DVGW-working paper W534 and the comprehensive Roth guarantee services Roth assures additional safety in the system combination.


Varieties of Roth T-pieces
Roth offers unique product depth within the fitting range. Varied dimension nuances of T-pieces allow fast and costefficient installations independent of the individual installation situation, without having to revert to additional reductions or different shaped parts.